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Are You Ready For Some Shopify Profits?

Shopify With eComEmpire

Are you ready for some Shopify profits? Some people have been seeing great success after creating a Shopify eCommerce Store. The cost is nominal, but like everything else, there is a learning curve. Well, there has been a learning curve — until now. That curve has been straightened out for us handily by Bill Hugall, John Gibb And Mo Miah, who have just created and released eCom Empire.

eComEmpireBill Hugall is a highly successful marketer who is well known on the international speaking circuit, consultant to many of the top Internet marketing affiliates and product creators. He is a 14-time award winning product creator in how own right. Bill teamed up with software developers and super affiliates John Gibb and Mo Miah, to put together the most powerful tool ever produced to coach entrepreneurs in the use of the marketing phenomenon known as Shopify. Also on the team is Mehdi Tihani, a 23-year old Internet marketer who has — in just 30 days — built a new Shopify e-commerce business that is on track to do multiple 6-figures this year!

Who better to learn the art of Shopify from, than these incredibly successful people.

So what is Shopify, and why should you get involved if you are not already?

Shopify is an eCommerce solution that allows one to set up an on-line store with an unlimited number of products for as little as $29 per month. That price is pretty reasonable since it includes hosting an bandwidth costs. You can use your own domain name, but you do not need a web hosting account. All Shopify plans include secure, unlimited ecommerce hosting for your online store. Shopify uses the best servers, networks and a global CDN to ensure your ecommerce site is reliable and fast.

Like any business, success simply depends upon whether you can generate enough sales, and profits, to cover your setup and operating expenses. With Shopify there is no setup charge, aside from whatever it costs you to traverse that learning curve and understand how to run a successful Internet based Shopify store. If your monthly nut is only $29, that’s not a lot. Make a dollar a day and you break even, right? Well, yeah, assuming you’ve got a way to drive sufficient traffic to your store. That is the biggest challenge for any storefront — getting feet to walk into the store. Or in the case of Shopify, getting the eyeballs to see your wares via enough computer monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

You’ve no-doubt seen Shopify on Facebook. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media outlets that are in vogue today is probably the best way to capture those eyeballs — if only you knew how to find products to sell and how to attract people to them. The guys behind eCom Empire have that all figured out, and they show you how. If you don’t already have your own products, they’ll show you how to source popular products.

That is where our friends Bill, John, Mo, and Mehdi come in. They know all the tricks of the Shopify trade, and they are prepared to share the secrets of their success pretty cheaply. Learn more by checking out eCom Empire.

Shopify With eComEmpire

They claim it is as simple as:

  • Copy what they do.
  • Get traffic on demand.
  • Get paid!

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