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Boost Affiliate Commission Earnings With Commission Gorilla


What is Commission Gorilla?

Commission Gorilla is software designed by and for affiliate marketers to massively boost affiliate commission earnings. The authors of this software developed it for their own purposes over the course of the past year. They implemented the software for their own affiliate marketing efforts, and attribute its use in their operation to earning over $1M in commission and prize earnings during the past year.

A joint project between PromoteLabs & MediaKettle, Commission Gorilla has been in planning & development for 12 months. There’s NOTHING else on the market like it.  In fact this just may become a game changer for affiliate marketers of all experience levels. The Commission Gorilla developers have demonstrated the software’s potential to double, triple or even quadruple commissions while minimizing workload and reducing their operating costs.

Based on their own use of the software as affiliates, testing, tweaking, and gathering data from sending 1,000,000 visitors to over 200 vendor sales pages. They wanted a tool that would improve conversions, save time, and further monetize promotions post sale. Then they realized that if that was something they wanted for their own affiliate business, it would be something other Internet marketers would want also.

So they set up Commission Gorilla as a SaaS (Software as a Service) program, stripping away all the complications faced by users having to install and keep updating software on their own computers. As SaaS, the software will always be up to date, with new and improved features implemented instantly for all customers worldwide.  A lot of the new software for our industry uses this approach, and it truly does have some serious advantages — particularly today with high speed Internet so universally available.

So what does this wonderful software do, and why do you need it in your affiliate marketing business, or for Internet marketing projects?

For one thing, if you have much experience in affiliate marketing, you know that certain niches are highly competitive. If you can incentivize a customer to buy from your affiliate link instead of from another affiliate, you gain an advantage. The leading affiliates do this by adding bonus products, other related or complimentary products at no added cost. Commission Gorilla helps you build your own bonus pages, and facilitates delivery of those bonuses. That was the secret that helped the developers of Commission Gorilla make the sale where other affiliates did not.

But it doesn’t stop there. If it facilitates building attractive bonus pages, it can help yo build other sales pages too.

Right now Commission Gorilla is in launch phase, at a remarkably low introductory price for unlimited lifetime access. Right now is the time to grab this valuable software, because if you miss this opportunity this week, you’ll end up paying more to have access to it later. Buy Commission Gorilla today to increase your affiliate commission earnings.

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