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Email Click Magnet 2.0 – Power Your Email Marketing With Video

In the past couple years video marketing has really come of age. Not only has video been proven to elicit greater interest from viewers — and greater conversions — the cost of creating effective videos has come within the grasp of literally everyone with a product or service to sell.

Most Internet marketers have historically relied upon simple emails to initiate buyer interest, or alert prospective customers of the availability of their product.

Because of the large volume of emails sent today, however, email marketing suffers from very low response rates. There is just too much email, most of it so boring and uninspiring that it simply doesn’t get responses.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could combine the power of video inside your emails? But everyone knows that is impossible. You cannot put a video inside an email. Oh, sure, you can include a link in your emails that will lead to a video. But the trick is getting someone to even notice your link — and then to actually click on it.

But imagine for a moment, that you open an email and it instantly comes to life with a video. That would grab your attention, for sure. That solves the problem of getting someone to see your offer as soon as they open your email. The next trick is to get the reader to take action and click on your link. So imagine that the video inside your email only plays long enough to make you want to know more, and invites you to click for more. That would be so cool, but as you know, such a thing simply isn’t possible.


Today, such a thing IS possible.

Shawn Pringle, an Internet marketer from near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, has invented a way for you to use video as I just described. His product is aptly called Email Click Magnet.

You might have heard of this before, because he launched a similar product some time ago. It was cool back then, but somewhat limited. Shawn has truly mastered the concept now with Email Click Magnet 2.0.  Check it out!

Email Click Magnet works in conjunction with the Easy Web Video custom player.

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