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Email Jeet – Email Autoresponder

EmailJeet_box_250x333Email Jeet is an email autoresponder software program developed by Cyril Gupta and Radu Hahaianu. Launched on October 13, 2014 this product quickly rose to the #1 top seller position on JV Zoo.

Internet marketers all know “the money is in the list,” but maintaining that list costs money too. Are you sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars every month for your autoresponder account? Is your business hostage to your autoresponder service, such as GetResponse or Weber? Why must you keep paying high monthly fees to mail to your own list, and get unreliable service in return? Email Jeet can slash those costs dramatically.

Watch the following presentation narrated by Todd Gross to learn more about this outstanding Internet marketing software.

If you are an Internet Marketing professional who wants to get control of your own email lists, you need Email Jeet.

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