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Explaindio Video Creation Software

We have been a huge fan of Explaindio since its launch on November 11, 2014. During these past 7 months the program has seen regular improvements to make the software even more capable and efficient. BUT now there is a major breakthrough worthy of evolving from version 1.x to 2.0. With version 2.0 Explaindio jumps to the next level in video creation professionalism. For a limited time, owners of version 1.x can upgrade for a small fraction of its regular price. Do it today, before the price goes up.


The initial price was ridiculously low, and Version 2.0 is every bit as much of a bargain. A new pricing arrangement for continuing software advancements is a part of the new version 2.0, with an annual charge of just over $1 per week. Again, this is another no-brainer, worth every penny a hundred times over!

UPGRADE to Explaindio 2.0 today! Only $38.50 for Version 1.0 users.

Since Explaindio’s launch on November 11, 2014 there have been over 11,000 sales. What is it? The presentation video by Todd Gross will explain and demonstrate how this amazing software works, but Explaindio could become the most valuable sales tool you’ve ever bought — either to promote your own current business, or to start a new business helping others promote theirs. If you are familiar with other video creation software released during 2014, imagine combining the power of Video Maker FX and Easy Sketch Pro into one awesome software package, and then adding a new dimension of power and ease of use. Check it out now by clicking on the image below:


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