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Google it, Dad

I often turn to my son to ask a question. In years past he was generally quick to share his superior knowledge on any given topic, and would give a detailed answer. Today, however, his more frequent response is “Google it, Dad.”

Google is the most popular of search engines, so much so that the term “google” has become synonymous with “search.”

Google Ranking

Ranking well in Google Search is vital to any business hoping or expecting to be found through organic search. This is no simple task, however, thus creating a need for special expertise in the science of search engine optimization (SEO). Local business men and women have businesses to run, and should not have to devote time and energy to learn SEO techniques, and to keep on top of the mechanics of SEO. Instead, it is far more beneficial that business owners turn to Internet marketing professionals who have the necessary experience and specialized training.

Just as one calls upon architects, electricians, engineers, lawyers, plumbers and others with specialized training to solve special problems, so it is with SEO.

Even those with considerable SEO experience, however, need continuing education in this highly technical field. In fact, there may be no other profession where continuing education is more valuable or important. That is because the landscape is ever changing when it comes to search optimization — or practically anything related to the Internet for that matter. One who was proficient at SEO years ago, and who has not kept pace with the ever changing landscape, is missing out today. The only thing constant about the Internet is change, and a lot has changed relating to ranking on Google.

The Rules Keep Changing

Some complain that Google keeps changing the rules of the game, so those who provide SEO services have to continually refine their techniques to insure continued success. Changes have been so drastic, in fact, that many who used to specialize in SEO services have turned to other opportunities.

The fact, however, is that Google has an obligation to its users (and that includes virtually everyone with a smart phone or a computer), to provide the most relevant search results in an ever expanding universe of Internet content. Rather than complain, Internet professionals need to go with the flow, and learn new techniques to maintain the quality of the services they provide.

Enter my friend Paul James:

Paul James knows more about Google and how to rank high in google search than any other person I know.  He has been a student of the science of SEO for years, and practices his expertise on a daily basis serving local businesses in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.  Many of Paul’s local business clients pay him 5-figures each year for his continuing services. Moreover, Paul generously shares his expertise with other Internet professionals, and is an excellent teacher. Paul has developed a training course for Internet professionals, not only teaching the essentials of ranking well in Google, but through his private forum Paul provides ongoing mentoring for his students. There Paul and his students openly discuss issues, problems, techniques and related topics, thus benefiting the group as a whole.

Paul just gave me a heads up that he is preparing to open his course for new students.


I have seen other educational programs of this nature sold for anywhere from $997 to $1997 or more. But Paul comes from humble beginnings, and while he is now a 6 or 7 figure earner, he remembers with clarity the days when that was not true. He decided to offer his mentoring course for just $299, making it affordable to anyone who wants either to start out on the right foot in this business, or to hone existing skills and be better prepared to serve clients.

At $299, this course is a genuine bargain.  But wait, it’s LESS, and there’s MORE!  In addition to Paul’s 24 Module Training, and his personal mentorship, you will have access to Paul’s forum, where hundreds of his students share ideas, ask questions, and benefit from a community of like-minded professionals.

In his great generosity Paul has agreed to further discount the course by special invitation to Cyber Pro Review group subscribers.  To save $150 off the tuition for Paul’s course, please  do 3 things for me.

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3. Tell your friends and associates who might benefit from this opportunity, and invite them to do likewise. They can save $150 as well, by your extending this invitation to them.

On our Facebook group you’ll find a banner that links to a presentation where Paul will better explain his course. You will also find a special link to sign up for Paul’s course at just $149. You’ll be getting far greater value, I promise you. But if for any reason you are dissatisfied, or do not agree that Paul’s education and forum access is worth that much and more, Paul will cheerfully and quickly refund your payment.

Whether you are a seasoned Internet professional, or someone struggling to find some better means of earning a living through the Internet, the Paul James Maps Mentor Google ranking training course is for you. Please follow the 2 or 3 steps above now, then follow the link found in our group and read more about Paul and his course today. You’ve got nothing to lose, and much to gain, as Paul’s is a completely risk free opportunity. You are guaranteed to get your money’s worth, or you get your money back!

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