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Introducing Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 – The Latest Video Marketing Tool

The latest video marketing tool note is Easy Sketch Pro 3.0. At $97 it is a great value. But you can get it for as little as $37 from the link below. If you were an early adopter, proactive enough to have purchased version 1 or version 2, during the product launch you could have gotten the upgrade to the full power of 3.0 for just $37. Normal pricing went into effect on September 23, 2015. Paul Lynch is the British Internet marketing pro behind Easy Sketch Pro.


Use Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 to create your own videos to post on Facebook or YouTube. In fact, that is just part of the excitement behind ESP 3.0. One of the new features enables you to build links to Facebook, YouTube, or virtually any other website — right from inside your video.

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