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Learn to Monetize Facebook with Fan Page Sniper

Fan Page Sniper – “Tested, Proven, Fool-proof, and Game Changing.”

Learn how to monetize Facebook Fan Pages and drive traffic to AdSense blogs from Facebook.

Fan Page Sniper is a training course teaching how Heimir Arnfinnson has been earning his fortune in Internet marketing. The methods he teaches are “Tested, Proven, Fool-proof, and Game Changing.” They are working for him, and Heimir is happily sharing his insights and methods.

There are 3 products in Heimir’s sales funnel.

  1. Fan Page Sniper
    Heimer cannot guarantee you will explode your bank account with his methods, of course, but he offers some compelling proof that it has been working well for him to monetize Facebook. Now he has packaged what he has learned into a course he is selling for just $27. That’s not a lot to pay for such an education, if it works.

    Will this course work to help you monetize Facebook, where others have failed? There is only one way to know. What do you have to lose? Nothing really, because if you cannot profit from what he teaches in this course, you can easily get your money back. You’ll have 30 days in which to put this wisdom to work for you, and see for yourself. He doesn’t need or want your money if this methods cannot make you money too.

    This product was launched on December 14, 2014. Within the first 24 hours, Fan Page Sniper jumped to the top of JVZoo, with over 500 people grabbing the product in a feeding frenzy.

    With good reason . . .
    This is not just another eBook with rehashed ideas. Fan Page Sniper has 3 major modules: Setup, Post, Monetize. You’ll learn how to set up your Facebook fan page (the right way), how to post ads to attract traffic, then how to earn money through Adsense, CPA, and even T-Shirts.

  2. FPSniperBiz250

  3. Sniper Business Box
    “The money is in the list.” We know that already, so how do we get the list? Heimer teaches how to build large prospective customer lists in any niche using FB ads.
  4. Sniper University ($97.00)
    Sniper University consists of 4 premium LIVE classes (weekly classes starting in January) where users directly interact with Heimer and his team. Here you will be shown a case study that demonstrates how it works. By the end of these LIVE classes you’ll know all the insider secrets and even see very landing pages he used and the very niches he has applied these principles.

Regardless of your level of expertise, newbie, wannabe, or pro, this training is guaranteed to MAKE MONEY. If you apply these methods, and they don’t deliver results for you, getting your money back is simple.

Monetize Facebook with Fan Page Sniper


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