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List Building With WP Optin Boxes

No matter what your niche or market may be, a key element in successfully marketing your product or service is having an email list of customers or prospective customers. There are many ways of doing this, of course, but one of the best we’ve seen is to use WP Optin Boxes.

WP Optin Boxes

Seriously! This is very cool.

To test this new WordPress Plugin we created an Optin Box for a very special Prepaid MasterCard program that allows you to earn crowd funding cash back from your purchases using this special MasterCard. This Optin Box appears directly below. Notice how it fades in. That’s an optional feature. In fact you have lots of options available to you. Here we do not include a border, so it almost seems like it is a part of the page content.

Earn Cash Back From MasterCard
Crowd Funding Cash Back through MasterCard: Now you can earn cash back from other people's MasterCard spending, not just your own. Available only by invitation.

After purchasing WP Optin Boxes you will be given an opportunity to upgrade to the PRO Edition. We did not do so, but are beginning to wish we had taken advantage of this One-Time-Offer (OTO). The PRO Version includes some valuable enhancements.

One issue we encountered with the basic version is that it does not include a redirect after someone opts in to your offer. Instead the subscriber is presented with a message that reads “Success! Thank you for subscribing.” Go ahead. Fill out and submit the above Optin to see how it works.

We would prefer that this message could be customized to explain to the viewer that he or she must respond to the confirmation email that will be sent by your autoresponder service. The PRO Version does include that redirect control, so you can send the new subscriber to another website where you can post your own thank you message with confirmation instructions.

Our advice is that you should plan on investing the extra $30 to add the WP Optin Boxes PRO features.

We encountered yet another issue with the basic version, in that OptIn Boxes set as a Pop-Up seem to be incompatible with the CyberProReview website. We are still troubleshooting in an effort to isolate the problem, and are confident a solution will be found. It does work flawlessly on our site. Go to that site, and as you leave you’ll be presented with a Pop-Up Optin Box generated by WP Optin Boxes.


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