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Mascot Software Review

Mascotly_250 Mascot Software Review:

Mascot software to make cartoon-like characters for videos has seen increased demand. This is a consequence of the release in 2014 of three major video maker programs recently popularized in the Internet marketing community. The latest mascot software program on the scene is by Jovana Sumar & Nail Yener from Belgrade, Serbia, launched November 24, 2014.

Jovana was kind enough to provide us with a review copy of her mascot softare. Like a growing number of software programs, works through a web browser, but all files are maintained on your local PC. It works best with Firefox, though with some effort it is supposed to also work on Chrome. I had better luck with Firefox.  After following the excellent instructions, provided in both video and in PDF form, I was able to complete the learning curve and become comfortable with the software within 5 minutes.

I had issues with running the program on Chrome. While it was easy to create characters on Chrome, they would not save properly. The resulting saved images were blank.

So I ran the program instead from Firefox. There it worked flawlessly, and I was able to create the same two characters in what seemed no time at all.  I successfully saved each image, and then loaded them into Easy Ad Wizard to make the following image, which I then posted to Facebook.


As the image implies, I give five stars and two thumbs up.  Perhaps a quarter of a star should be deducted for the incompatibility with Chrome, but I’m more inclined to believe it is an idiosyncrasy in Chrome. The documentation, which is excellent, clearly explained that they have tried hard to deal with the incompatibility.  So they earn that quarter star back for candor.

I found it interesting that and Easy Ad Wizard have the same user interface, with different graphic assets. That is convenient, as this makes it easy to combine assets from both programs to develop a project, like the images above and below.


At $37 is a bargain, but when you consider the hundreds of dollars worth of bonus extras that are included, this is a must-buy product. Some buyers of Explaindio have commented that their only disappointment is the few included music tracks. Jovana has solved that problem very nicely, including as a bonus hundreds of video background music tracks in a broad range of genres.

As a customer you’ll also have access to an eBook cover maker with lots of ready-made templates that are very easy to edit, along with another app that makes Facebook and Twitter cover pages and other banners.

Also included is a generous collection of hand drawn SVG files and video templates you can easily incorporate into videos created with Video Maker FX, Explaindio, or Easy Sketch Pro. The free bonuses alone are worth more than the price of This product earns my strongest recommendation.

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