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FanBoom504x252How to monetize Facebook:

With over a billion active users it is no secret that Facebook is the greatest source of targeted traffic, giving you daily access to millions of people potentially interested in what you have to sell. The problem is that Facebook does not equip you with all you need to make your fan pages generate leads and make sales.

To monetize Facebook and take full advantage of Facebook’s free viral traffic, you need opt-in forms to build prospect lists, custom sales pages, and even countdown timers for those limited time offers that pull so well. How can you do that?

Answer: FanBoom

Click the banner below to watch the presentation and see how you can use FanBoom to monetize Facebook.

monetize your Facebook Fan Page with FanBoom

The standard FanBoom package includes an easy to use Fan Page builder, generating fully mobile optimized pages and lead generation templates. Uploading media files is an easy drag and drop process. For lead generation, FanBoom has you covered with autoresponder integration. And, of course, all of this is explained with video tutorials.

The optional FanBoom Elite premium upgrade option adds even more functionality, including the ability to manage survey forms, contests, and even a Facebook Store Builder, allowing you to run an online store on Facebook. With your own ecommerce store you can sell your products or affiliate products right from your Facebook fan page.

For a limited time, if you take quick action to buy during the product launch, you can have a lifetime license to this software and training for a one-time charge, instead of the normal monthly subscription charge.

If you want to maximize your Facebook profits, now is the time to jump in. Your purchase is risk-free, with a 30-day money back guarantee of satisfaction. If you find that the product does not perform as expected, or if you decide this just doesn’t work for you, the vendor promises to quickly refund your investment.

Get started today for as little as $37, or spring for the optional upgrade for an additional $67. How many sales do you need to make for your product or home based business opportunity to recoup that small investment? Chances are, if this can help you make just one or two sales that you would not have otherwise had, this will quickly pay for itself.

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