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  • Wildfire Website Traffic

    Internet marketers all agree on one thing: Without website traffic even the most beautiful website is worthless. Ranking on Google in order to gain organic free website traffic is the aim of just about anyone with a website, whether selling something or simply publishing a blog for the fun of it. Companies happily pay big bucks […]

  • Lazy Affiliate 2.0 – Affiliate Marketing Training

    Affiliate marketing training by Mark Bishop. One sure measure of value is to compare sale and refund rates.  When a new product is released and sales quickly soar, we take notice. When those sales stick, with a very low refund rate, then we can be confident we have a winner. So it is with Mark Bishop’s […]

  • Learn Photoshop with Instant Photoshop Guru

    Do you use Photoshop?  — Don’t you wish you knew how? Photoshop is a powerful program that has become the standard among professional graphic artists. But its complexities can be daunting, and the learning curve long. Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn Photoshop from a private tutor, teaching you how to get the most from Photoshop? […]

  • Mascot Software Review

    Mascot Software Review: Mascot software to make cartoon-like characters for videos has seen increased demand. This is a consequence of the release in 2014 of three major video maker programs recently popularized in the Internet marketing community. The latest mascot software program on the scene is by Jovana Sumar & Nail Yener from Belgrade, Serbia, […]

  • You’ve Got Video Email!

    Internet marketing is about to be revolutionized. Imagine if you could combine email and video, such that when you open an email a video instantly starts to play. Wouldn’t that be awesome? We all know that video marketing works better than non-video. We’ve been conditioned to pay attention to video for our entire lives with […]

  • Easy Ad Wizard – Professional Banner Ad Design is Now Easy

    Banner ad design has never been easier. If you market products or services of your own, or promote affiliate products on your own websites, you no-doubt know the value of having attractive banner ads. Easy Ad Wizard, by Noel Cunningham and Andy Black, makes creating banner ads a breeze, and at less than you’d likely […]

  • Google Ranking Training for Internet Professionals

    Google it, Dad I often turn to my son to ask a question. In years past he was generally quick to share his superior knowledge on any given topic, and would give a detailed answer. Today, however, his more frequent response is “Google it, Dad.” Google is the most popular of search engines, so much so […]

  • Explaindio Video Creation Software

    UPGRADE to Explaindio 2.0 today! Only $38.50 for Version 1.0 users. UPDATE: We have been a huge fan of Explaindio since its launch on November 11, 2014. During these past 7 months the program has seen regular improvements to make the software even more capable and efficient. BUT now there is a major breakthrough worthy […]

  • P1 VIDEO MAGNET Software Suite

    Launched on the morning of November 18, 2014, by the evening of November 19 the P1 VIDEO MAGNET Software Suite, sold over 2,500 copies. This incredible package is still available for under $50, but the price will be rising again soon:

  • Email Jeet – Email Autoresponder

    Email Jeet is an email autoresponder software program developed by Cyril Gupta and Radu Hahaianu. Launched on October 13, 2014 this product quickly rose to the #1 top seller position on JV Zoo. Internet marketers all know “the money is in the list,” but maintaining that list costs money too. Are you sick and tired […]

  • You Missed It!

    Sorry, you missed it! Some products we feature on this site are what we call “evergreen” — and are available both during product launch (often at a deep discount) and afterward at the regular price. Other products are available only for a limited time. This is apparently the case with the product you clicked on […]

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