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Easy, Low-Cost, Yet Powerful Marketing Methods

Are you looking for new customers?

Putting new customers into your sales funnel is a never-ending process, right?

  • Do you make sales presentations?
  • Do you know the most effective way to convert prospects to customers?
  • Are you using the most powerful tools to create and present your sales pitches?

If you haven’t been asking yourself these same questions, then you must
already have all the business you can handle. Congratulations!

But if these questions resonate with you, or if it seems the answers are
elusive, then you’ll be happy to learn that we have found some powerful,
yet simple solutions.

It starts with video. Video is huge right now, regardless of your marketing niche.
Why? Because video is more engaging. The right video captures your prospect’s
attention and delivers your message faster and easier than alternative methods.

But video is complicated, and expensive, right?

Wrong! That was so yesterday, but not today. Within the past year a pile of new and
inexpensive software products have been introduced. It seems that nearly every few weeks another
awesome marketing tool becomes available. And no, none of these involve a huge investment
of either time or money to put into use, selling your product or service.

Check these products out, and see for yourself.

EasyVSL Video Sales Letter BuilderFirst, consider EasyVSL. This is the newest of the most awesome tools to become available.
EasyVSL was launched just days ago, on January 13, 2015, by famed Internet marketing experts Mark Thompson and Matt Callen. Already, thousands of smart marketing professionals have grabbed this product just in these past few days. You need to be next.

What is a VSL, you ask? A VSL is a Video Sales Letter.  You’re familiar with sales letters. You’ve been seeing them, reading them, buying from them, and probably selling from them for most of your life. A video sales letter, however, is more engaging and more powerful than simply the written word. See for yourself, by watching Mark’s EasyVSL presentation.

VideopediaSecond, but by no means less exciting, is another new product released just days ago. It is called Videopedia. What is exciting about this is that you can create engaging animated videos quickly by using a program you likely already have, a part of Microsoft Office:  PowerPoint. For an investment under $20 you too can build an engaging animated video presentation to communicate your sales message.

Watch this:


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