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Video Marketing With Simple Video Pro & Camtasia Studio

On this page we will discuss Simple Video Pro  a very powerful video player designed by and for marketing professionals. We’ll also discuss Camtasia Studio, a very popular video editor available bundled with Simple Video Pro at a huge discount. At the same time we are demonstrating another awesome product called VidEngage. Watch what happens as you scroll down the page and the Simple Video Pro video scrolls out of sight. Glance over to the bottom right of the page. There you’ll see the video continues playing in a smaller window. This neat trick is VidEngage in action. Be sure to read our review of this cool product too. So scroll down and start the video, then scroll some more and notice what happens on the lower right corner of the page. This is very cool!

Simple Video Pro is much more than a simple video player. It is a complete video marketing platform. It is not a video editor, like Camtasia, for example, which is another essential software to have if you are serious about video marketing. I’ll have more to say about Camtasia below, but first lets talk about Simple Video Pro.


Video marketing has been proven effective, capturing audience attention and facilitating audience engagement. Simple Video Pro, takes video marking to the next level. SVP features proprietary technology that makes it easy to present interactive and responsive videos to your Internet audience.

Create videos with Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Video Maker FX, or even in Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. Or simply work with videos created by others and available on YouTube. Either way, Simple Video Pro 2 allows you to embed videos on your website and choose how they are displayed, viewed, and controlled. These can be YouTube videos, or self hosted videos you might host on Amazon S3, etc.

With Simple Video Pro you can more effectively and efficiently monetize videos. Watch the following brief video to learn more, then take action by clicking on the yellow button below.

Nick LaPolla was very instrumental in the successful product launches of Video Maker FX and Explaindio, both introduced during 2014. His interest in these video creation products was they both serve as perfect compliment to his own product, Simple Video Pro, which is a powerful video marketing platform. In this second video, just 4 and a half minutes long, Nick gives some further insight into this perfect marriage and the power of Simple Video Pro.


With Simple Video Pro you can:

  • Control the start and stop points of the video
  • Control the alignment, left or right of other content, or centered
  • Choose between wide-screen or standard
  • Play-in-View Control
  • Allow or disable full-screen viewing
  • Responsive sizing for mobile device viewing
  • Select from 15 responsive video frames or skins
  • Or create your own frames using CSS
  • Choose manual-play or auto-play
  • Hide or display the control bar
  • Display control bar on mouse-over option
  • Put videos in widgets
  • Choose which pages the widget will display on
  • Include Scarcity Timers
  • Add Clickable Banners
  • Embed Social Media Share Buttons
  • Brand with Logos or Watermarks
  • Embed Call to Action or Buy Buttons
  • Control Timed Reveal of On-Page Content
  • Embed Email Opt-in Forms Inside Video Player
  • Grab Attention With Walk-on Videos

With the “Play-in-View” optional feature enabled, your video will start playing automatically when it scrolls into view, and will pause when it scrolls out of view. This enables you to help insure your viewer is paying attention to the video, and not scrolling through your sales letter. This feature is also handy if you have multiple videos on your page. This prevents confusion and interference when audio from two different videos are trying to play at the same time. It also helps insure none of your videos are missed as someone scrolls through your page.

Simple Video Pro allows you to choose from among 15 responsive frames. Being responsive means your videos will resize automatically on mobile devices, or based upon the window size on your viewer’s computer. You can even create your own frame using CSS.

With Simple Video Pro you can even insert your videos into widget. Simply drag your video control into the widget area. You can determine whether your video will appear on all pages, or select from a list of your pages.

Video Monetization

Simple Video Pro facilitates turning YouTube Videos, or other videos of your choosing, into cash machines to generate income.

  • Splash images – you can add a splash image or a call to action button to your video
  • Timed PayPal button – have your PayPal button appear at the precise time within your video that you specify.
  • Timed banner ad – have a banner ad appear within your video at will.
  • Add your own logo or watermark into your videos, and control both the timing and position.
  • Redirect your viewers automatically to a specific URL at the end of your video.

If you have an affiliate site, for example, create an explainer video or product demonstration video, then redirect the viewer automatically to your affiliate link. Or find just the right videos on YouTube instead of creating your own, then embed them on your site and personalize them using with your own links.

List Building Features

Simple Video Pro has has been designed with the Internet Marketer in mind. The money is in the list, right? Several list building features are built into SVP:

  • responsive in-video opt-in forms
  • integration with popular autoresponders
  • timed opt-in form display
  • overlay custom HTML
  • timed content reveal

Simple Video Pro is integrated with Aweber, Mailchimp, and GetResponse, and is compatible with other autoresponders as well. Embed email opt-in forms, newsletter subscription forms, or report give-aways into your videos, either at the end, or at a specified time within your video. You can even play part of your video, then require an opt-in or social media engagement to continue playing the video.

Another neat feature allows you to hide website content until a specified time in the video. Reveal site content, buy buttons, opt-in forms, or even links to other videos at just the right moment during the play of your video.

SEO Features

Driving traffic to your website is perhaps more important than having fancy videos, but one way to improve SEO is to include videos on your website. While Google appreciates websites with video, helping sites with video to ranking higher in search results, Google cannot parse video content to index your website in the same way it does text. To take full advantage video implementation, Simple Video Pro incorporates some valuable SEO features:

  • Video site map
  • Facebook Graph and Open Graph tags
  • Video Rich Text Snippets

Simple Video Pro generates video site maps and video rich text snippets for your videos, that provides Google with pertinent information about your videos, telling Google’s spiders what your videos are about. SVP also takes advantage of Social Media, with Facebook Open Graph. Facebook Open Graph tags give Facebook and Google specific information about your pages and videos. You will be able to set a custom Facebook icon, site name, and description for each page and video that will display for likes and comments, helping your videos to go viral for social media marketing.

Camtasia Studio & Simple Video Pro BundleVideo Editing with Camtasia
The Simple Video Pro & Camtasia Bundle

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, what Simple Video Pro does not do is edit the actual videos. For that you’ll need a video editing software platform. There are many available, but the most widely accepted video editor in the Internet Marketing community is Camtasia. This program is powerful and easy to use, perhaps the very best video editor available on the PC platform. (If you use a Mac, that’s a different story.)

Recognizing the quality of Camtasia, and its high value for Simple Video Pro customers, SVP creator Nick LaPolla and his partner Aon Thompkin negotiated a sweetheart deal to bundle Camtasia with Simple Video Pro. Normally priced at $299 by itself, you can get Camtasia and Simple Video Pro together for as little as $319. That’s like getting SVP for $20.00 — or getting Camtasia for as little as $160, depending upon your perspective. Either way you look at it, the Simple Video Pro & Camtasia Bundle is a genuine bargain.

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