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Facebook Social Media Marketing Game Changer: Social Video Spark

Wow! This is a genuine game changer for Facebook Marketing, Video Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Within the first 72 hours of the product launch, over 2000 sales have resulted. Get on board while the price is still low during product launch.

Social Media Spark


Social Video Spark is the very first software ever created to boost Facebook timeline ranking. It is in product launch right now and getting rave reviews.

Facebook and Social Media Marketing has come of age over the past several years. One factor that has played a big part in the success of many Social Media marketing and Facebook marketing campaigns has been the widespread use of video. Such low-cost products as Video Maker FXExplaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Easy Web Video, among others, have each made their contributions. Life has been good for those companies and Internet Marketing professionals who have utilized video and Social Media over these past several years. Each year — in fact, every few months — new and improved software products and services have come on the scene to add greater excitement. But all of these things are simply prologue to what may be the most important Social Media and Video Marketing tool ever produced.

As I said above, this new product is a game changer. Here’s why:

As you know, getting traffic to your website — or your video — is vitally important to your business. Driving traffic to your presentation is the objective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps you rank higher on the search engines, which makes it easier for visitors to find you. But getting higher ranking for your videos isn’t so simple. Until now!

Until now there was no software that would make Facebook Timeline Ranking possible for your videos. That all changes with Social Video Spark. What Social Video Spark does is like SEO, but for Facebook Timeline Ranking.

You’ll understand the value in this when you realize these Facebook Native Video facts:

  • Facebook’s algorithm favors native video.
  • Facebook video reach is 67% higher than YouTube.
  • Facebook video engagement rate on FB is 97% higher than YouTube.
  • The majority of Facebook video views happen on mobile devices.

The name of the product is Social Video Spark. It is a strange name, but actually quite appropriate. “Social” suggests that it deals with Social Media. “Video” indicates it deals with Video Marketing. And “Spark” predicts that this thing will ignite sales like wild fire. That is certain to be the case.

When marketing through Facebook, the best strategy is to use Facebook native video. It has been demonstrated that reach is 67% higher using Facebook video  than using YouTube videos in your Facebook marketing efforts. That extra edge can make the difference between a flop or a successful campaign. And the Social Video Spark software makes it easy to add intros, outros, and calls to action to your videos, and to post your videos on Facebook.

Social Video Spark is the brain-child of a familiar name in the video production business: Andrew Darius, the creator of Explaindio. But this is not just another video creation tool. Frankly the world probably doesn’t need another video creation software product. We already have several awesome products that together fulfill that need. What is needed, however, is a means of helping marketers make their videos go viral, reaching their intended audiences. Social Video Spark is that product, filling a void that no other software addresses.

The science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been responsible for driving targeted traffic to websites for many years. It is a fairly simple, yet tricky thing to do. SEO is tricky because it involves specialized skills and techniques, yet simple because it is really just a strategic manipulation of words. As people are looking for something, some product or service to fulfill some need, they use words typed into Google or some other search engine. SEO is the science of creating content that strategically uses the words that people are most likely to use in those searches. Ranking websites higher on the search engines, therefore, is simply a matter of careful word-crafting. Better search results lead to more views, hence more shares, and that all leads to more traffic to your website. Simple.

But unlike website content, videos don’t have searchable text. So ranking higher in the search engines is not so simple. Words used in videos are either spoken or displayed as graphic elements. Current search engine technology cannot simply target keywords to generate more traffic to your videos. Far more complicated science is required for effective audience targeting when it comes to video content.

For the past half a decade, however, Facebook has been building a powerful user knowledge base. That is to say, Facebook knows its users, and most importantly what interests its users. Internet marketing people have understood this for years, and have been using this information to better target advertising to specific groups.

What many marketers may not have realized, however, is that Facebook has also developed its own video platform, similar to but in some respects more powerful than YouTube. You’ll notice, for example, that a video using Facebook’s native player automatically starts to play when you scroll down to it. That’s not true of other videos you’ll see on Facebook. Consequently those Facebook videos get more views and that means ranking higher. As they get more views, they also get more shares, hence more views, hence more shares, etc.

Social Video Spark gives you an incredibly simple means of using Facebook’s video platform. And since Facebook gives greater preference to its own video platform than to YouTube or other video sources, marketers who can utilize the Facebook video platform will have a huge advantage over those using competing video technology.

Social Video Spark gives marketers that extra edge. That is the game changer, and it’s just one of the reasons you need this product.

As is common in the launch of Internet Marketing products, the best bargains can be had early in the launch phase. So it is, or will be, with Social Video Spark. This is one of those products you will want to get on board with immediately. Even if your plan is to get serious about video marketing or Social Media marketing at some point in the future, you would be wise to jump on board to purchase Social Video Spark NOW, while the price is the lowest it will ever be.

During the first 72 hours since product launch, over 2,000 copies have been sold.

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