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join-facebook-groupSORRY, FOLKS. IF YOU DIDN’T BUY VIDDYOZE DURING PRODUCT LAUNCH WEEK, YOU MISSED OUT ON AN A GREAT DEAL. Viddyoze is now off the market and will return at a higher price at some point in the future. As of this moment we don’t know when. We will announce its re-release on our Facebook page and to our Facebook group. Join our Facebook group to be among the first to know about this and other great products.



There is an exciting new video effects and video animation product in launch phase right now that can bring your marketing video productions to the next level. If you do video marketing, you NEED this. If you don’t do video marketing, you SHOULD. Frankly, creating marketing videos is so easy and economical today, you are truly missing the boat by not getting involved.

That is old news, but what is new is Viddyoze. This product is in launch phase as of this writing, but will come off the market at midnight Friday, October 2. When it is re-released the price will be much higher. Today you can buy this with a single low payment. When it is released again it will require a monthly subscription, costing many times what you can get it for today.  And I do mean TODAY.

So what does Viddyoze do, and why do you need it?


If you currently do anything with video — or if you EVER will — Viddyoze will be a very valuable tool in your arsenal. If, or rather, when you create videos for marketing, education, or any purpose for that matter, grabbing your viewer’s attention is of paramount importance. Viddyoze helps you accomplish this by creating stunning visual effects for use in your videos.

  • Logo Stingers – the cool video effects where your viewer is mesmerized as things fly around and reveal your logo
  • Intros – the short video clips that play at the start of your videos
  • Transitions – graphic elements that take the viewer from one scene to the next
  • Outros – the video clips that play at the end of your videos
  • Calls to action – the attention grabbers where you ask your viewers to bite at your offer, to “like” it, to visit your Facebook page, or your website, to join your mailing list, etc. This is the meat on the bone, the reason you create the video in the first place. What you do here will make or break it, in terms of the effectiveness of your video. So any help you get here can be of immense value.

What Viddyoze does is help you make your videos slick, powerful, and professional. Any tool you use for these purposes might pay for itself by bringing you as little as a single new customer. Investing in Viddyoze right now may just be the smartest thing you can do for your business today.

Every now and then opportunity knocks with a genuine bargain during product launch. This is one of those times. Smart money gets into this sort of thing early.

And as you likely know, every now and then you buy a shiny new object, only to regret it later. This is not one of those things, but not to worry: your satisfaction with this investment is assured with a 30 day money back guarantee.

You can sit this one out today and come back later, but you’ll pay a lot more then. They are saying the real price will be as much as 5 times the introductory price available today. And frankly, from what I’ve seen, it is probably worth that much.

I’ll be frank. I almost did sit this one out. But an acquaintance called my attention to it again and said some glowing things about it. So I took another look. Gosh! I’m sure glad I jumped on board. I bought it, fully expecting that I’d give it a shot and get my money back if it turned out to be a dud.  Then I used it to create a logo stinger. Way cool!

Most of the bunch of video effects and clips included are very professionally done and definitely work to capture attention. With them you’ll be able to create some of the coolest intros and outros you’ve ever seen.  And you’ll do so quickly and with super simplicity.  This thing gets 5 stars for ease of use, for sure.

Check it out now.  But don’t delay. You’ve got just hours to take advantage of the introductory launch pricing on Viddyoze.

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