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Videopedia Makes Marketing Videos Using Powerpoint

VideopediaVideo is the way to go to capture attention and engage prospective customers. During 2014, creating great marketing videos became easy and inexpensive, thanks to several new software product releases. New new year will no doubt bring us more products to make video marketing even easier. It has already started with a bang. For less than a $20 investment, anyone who has even the most basic grasp of Microsoft’s PowerPoint can be creating animated presentation videos in just minutes. This newest product, released in mid-January, is called Videopedia. What is exciting about this is that you can create engaging animated videos quickly by using software you likely already have:  PowerPoint.

During the product launch, you can get Videopedia for an investment of under $20. Within minutes you too can be building engaging animated video presentations to communicate your sales message.

Watch this:

Videopedia gives you a collection of Animated Slides and Mascot Characters you can use within PowerPoint to make marketing videos that grab your viewer’s attention and amuse at the same time. It is a great way to make your sales or presentation message more memorable and engaging. Capturing audience attention quickly is critical, and animated videos have proven their effectiveness at doing that. The neat thing about Videopedia is that it puts the power of video in your hands without requiring a huge investment of either time or money. During product launch week, you can get Videopedia for under $20.

This is great for Internet marketing professionals, but practically anyone can find this product useful.

Students, for example, who need to make class presentations, can use Videopedia to turn boring PowerPoint presentations into amusing, engaging, and memorable class experiences — and earn “A+” grades in the process.

If your business uses PowerPoint to create presentations or training programs, now you can easily make those presentations more effective, impressing bosses and co-workers in the process.

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