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New Website Builder Software Makes Building Websites Easy


There are a number of website builder products available today to make building websites easy without learning HTML or more advanced coding. Several of the best are presented here. Even though I’ve been coding in HTML for over two decades, I’ve been waiting for page builders of this caliber to come along. We now have several extremely powerful drag and drop website builders to choose from.

First is the Divi Builder Plugin, which is a stand-alone Drag & Drop page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme. This was developed by Elegant Themes and has been a part of its Divi Theme for a couple years. So its functionality has been seasoned with widespread use of thousands of website developers. What is new about this builder is that it is no longer limited to one theme.  Now it is available as a plugin that will work with any WordPress theme. Very exciting. When you get the Divi Builder Plugin, you’ll also get access to 87 premium WordPress themes, as the only way to get it is as an Elegant Themes member. Membership costs $89 per year, including all the themes and plugins produced by Elegant Themes. If you are serious about building websites, or even if you just need one awesome website, this is a genuine bargain.

Another WordPress theme developer with an outstanding page builder is Themify, from Toronto, Canada. Themify offers a package of over 4 dozen WordPress themes for $79. They also offer several awesome plugins and add-ons that are sure to impress your website visitors. Themify’s Master Club membership is $139, which includes all their themes plugins and add-ons. Their Builder Plugin can even be purchased alone for $39. The Themify Builder Plugin  is probably the most powerful and easy to use page builder for WordPress. Design any layout that you can imagine, bring it to life using the drag & drop interface, and watch it come to life right in front of your eyes with live preview. Drag, drop, select, and you’ve built beautiful pages – without any coding!

Next is a brand new product called Captifire , from Wishloop Software. This is also a drag & drop product, making building your site easy and fun.  Captifire is specially built for the Internet Marketing niche, attuned to lead capture and conversion. Its main thrust is to serve as a comprehensive squeezepage builder. Use Captifire to create beautiful landing pages, squeeze pages, “opt-in” pages, offer pages, video pages, product pages, event/webinar pages, retargeting pages, multistep pages, “coming soon” pages, bridge pages, and other attractive marketing assets in minutes with its class-leading drag and drop framework.

Included with the Captifire builder are dozens of pre-built templates. Start with the one that best suits your purposes, and easily edit the templates as needed. Or simply build your own. If you do Internet marketing and need to build your social media following, capture emails, promote videos, offer TeeSpring campaigns, or sell Amazon products, the Captifire builder was made for you.

The cost of the base Captifire builder is as little as $27 per year for use on a single domain. A 5-domain license is $37, or use it on unlimited domains for $97. These are annual subscriptions. During the product launch phase, starting October 9, 2015, the unlimited site license is on sale, with the price increasing daily. Currently it is still under $50, but that may change by the time you read this. Obviously, the quicker you act to buy this, the less you’ll pay. Jump on board with Captifire NOW!

Some useful add-ons are also available. An extra $67 one-time payment gets you the Pro upgrade, which includes five conversion boosting advanced features. The Pro version includes (1) a bunch of additional templates, (2) 3D E-book cover designer, (3) iMac renderer, (4) a poll/survey component, and (5) geo-location capabilities.

Deciding between the Captifire, the Divi Builder Pluginor the Themify Builder Plugin website builder products is a challenge. They are all extremely powerful design tools. If all you do is Internet Marketing, Captifire will serve you well. If you are more into general interest web design, either the Divi and the Elegant Theme’s membership, or the Themify Master membership will keep you happy. My best recommendation: Get ’em all.

In addition to these two blockbusters, another interesting website builder is in launch phase as of this writing.  It is the Mega Builder WordPress Theme.  Like the other tools presented above, Mega Builder does not require you to have any design skills, or knowledge of coding. Your investment can be as little as about $30. (Current price, though this will increase as the product launch progresses.) This can be yours with a one-time payment, as this does not involve a subscription.  The developer is Fachrul Stream from Surabaya, Indonesia. The sales presentation shows a less than perfect command of the English language. For example, the sales letter states, “MEGA BUILDER is The Only WordPress Theme You Need To Create Impressed Websites!”

He likely meant to say “impressive” websites, not “impressed.”  But you’ll be impressed by checking out the several sample websites created with the Mega Builder WordPress Theme. The imperfect English does not detract from the quality of the product design or the usefulness of this WordPress theme.  The feature list is actually very impressive, and the demonstration websites are all excellent. As with most products we mention on CyberProReview, your satisfaction is assured with a 30 day money-back guarantee:  “If there is an issue with the product and our technical support can’t solve it for you, we will provide a refund for you within 30 days of your purchase.”

If you simply want a premium WordPress theme that is responsive (optimized for mobile devices) flexible to your needs, lets you easily create clean and modern websites, yet be way ahead of all the free themes and still inexpensive, you are sure to be happy with the new Anasthasia WordPress Theme from Josee Bedard. This is worth taking a serious look, and the price to value ratio is a real bargain at a one-time investment of only $27. Buy it today and grab some nifty bonuses at no added cost. And, of course, your satisfaction is assured with a no hassel 30-day money back guarantee.


Personally, I have used Divi in several projects, and have always been pleased with its performance. My only regret about Divi is that I didn’t use it more. I heartily endorse the Divi Builder Plugin.

I also bought Captifire and quickly traversed its short learning curve. For Internet Marketing development, this is a must-have tool.

In celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving, on Monday, October 12, the folks at Themify in Toronto are offering a 30% discount on their product. I am really impressed by this product and am rushing over there now to take advantage of that handsome discount, and recommend you do as well. I have a big website project in the works that will really benefit from the many features provided by the Themify Builder Plugin. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. [UPDATE: Bought it. I can happily summarize my thoughts on this product with a single word: “WOW!” This product gets my highest recommendation. You won’t be disappointed!]

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