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Giant Whiteboard Animation Sketch Graphics Library

Giant Whiteboard Kit Review

It is well established that whiteboard animation sketch videos are crushing it with 150% better conversion than other sales video styles. The only problem is the seemingly constant need for a larger collection of graphics. We use special hand drawn images that are designed for use in Video Maker FX, Easy Sketch Pro 2, or Explaindio. It seems we always need more hand drawn art to make our videos stand out from all the rest.

GWK2_250wInternationally acclaimed graphic artist Maulana Malik has just released another huge collection of over 1000 hand drawn whiteboard animation graphics compatible with Video Maker FX, Easy Sketch Pro, Explaindio, etc. This new release, labeled Volume 2, follows his other Giant Whiteboard Kit (Volume 1) that became available in November 2014. If you bought the earlier release, and about a 1,000 people did, then here’s another dose. If you missed Volume 1, that is still available too, and highly recommended.

Volume 2 is all new, with a great collection of attention grabbing animated characters to include in your whiteboard video productions. Just like Volume 1, Volume 2 of the Giant Whiteboard Kit is compatible with all of the popular and powerful video creation tools, like Video Maker FX, Easy Sketch Pro 2, and Explaindio.

Check out Volume One Too!


OTO Upsell

One complaint from users of these video makers is the shortage of female whiteboard animation characters. That problem is now solved. Maulana Malik is offering a low cost upsell with his new Giant Whiteboard Kit that includes several libraries of female characters.

Giant Whiteboard Female Edition

Maulana Malik Mascot Creator BundleNot only does Maulana Malik create awesome graphics for explainer videos, he even creates the tools to allow video designers to create characters or mascots with different poses, etc. In fact he has released two different mascot creators. Mascot Creator Volume 1 and Mascot Creator Volume 2. We recommend both mascot creator packages. Buy them from our discounted links in this page and you can get both for a little over $41. Get both for increased variety and flexibility because each features different characters, and graphics packs.

We Highly Recommend

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