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YouTube Live Events With Tube Live Commando

YouTube Live Events

YouTube Live Events rank faster and better for SEO than regular YouTube videos. Tube Live Commando is software that facilitates creating live YouTube events.

Not only is YouTube a popular way of sharing videos, it is also the second most popular search engine, behind Google, and well ahead of Bing, Yahoo, and all other search engines. YouTube a search engine?  It may not have started out with that intention, but that YouTube is used to find information is undeniable. One reason for this is that many people use YouTube to host and share instructional videos.

For example, I recently had a plumbing problem at my home. My water heater was dripping water from the overflow pipe. From a quick Google search I learned my problem was one of two issues. Either the pressure relief valve on the water heater was bad, or the pressure control valve coming into the house needed replacement. Replacing the water heater valve was a simple process. With a quick trip to Home Depot and five minutes of work, a new valve was in place. Alas, that didn’t solve the problem. I consulted a plumber who quoted $350 to replace the pressure control valve. Ouch! Preferring to do it myself, but not knowing how, I turned to YouTube. Sure enough, another homeowner had been kind enough to record a step by step instructional video. With another trip to Home Depot to buy the part and a large pipe wrench, my problem was solved for about $100. Thanks to that unknown homeowner and YouTube, I saved $250 and added a new wrench to my tool box.

The moral of this little story is that YouTube has become an extremely valuable source of information. Millions of people turn to YouTube daily for free entertainment, amusement, and like me, instructions. Businesses now routinely use videos hosted on YouTube to provide share everything from advertising videos to pre-recorded company training.

You knew that already. But what you might not know is that YouTube has recently gone live, hosting live events similar to Google Hang Outs, but better.

If your YouTube channel is in good standing, you can enable live events from your Account Features page. It is doable, but a little complicated.  Enter Tube Live Commando, powerful specialized software designed to simplify the process of turning pre-recorded webinar videos into live events.  With this software, not only can you host your videos on YouTube, but now you can benefit from improved search ranking.

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